Geneva is a space for groups and communities to connect, share, grow, and thrive. On Geneva, each group sets their own terms for discussion and engagement, as defined in their rules. Each group creator ("admin") is free to enforce their own rules as they see fit.

That said, we do have a set of baseline "Town Rules" that everyone on Geneva must follow. These rules are designed to keep people safe and prevent violence, harassment, and illegal activity. If you see anyone violating any of these rules, please flag the group, user, event, or piece of content to our team (you can do this through the app or over email at [email protected]) so we can all work together to keep Geneva safe and healthy.


We do not allow individuals nor groups to promote or take part in coordinated harassment of any kind.

Hate Speech and Imagery

We do not allow conversations or content (words, images, or videos) that promote violence, hatred, or discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other identity.


We do not allow threats, encouragement, or incitement of violence. Posting any words, images or videos that glorify violent crimes or violent events (including depictions of sexual assault or rape) is not allowed.

You may not post content that provides material support, resources, or propaganda to any terrorist organizations (as defined by the United States Government).

Flagged, credible threats of serious violence or physical harm may be reported to law enforcement.

Sharing Personal Information Without Consent

We do not allow doxxing, or sharing someone else’s information without their consent — this includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, SSNs, credit cards, and medical or insurance records.

Sharing explicit or sexual content of people without their consent, including deep-faked videos of this nature, is also not allowed.

Impersonation and Fake Accounts