Geneva is the free, flexible group chat app connecting you to the people you want to meet and the things you want to do near you.

Discover groups near you, chat, meet new people, and find (or plan your own!) events and meetups.

It's available on iPhone, Android, web browser, and a native desktop app for Mac.


How Geneva works

All of the action on Geneva takes place in your groups.

You can make a group for any interest, club, neighborhood, area, or community — make or join a group for a local run club, coffee meet-up group, your sorority, thrift lovers, fitness buddies, dinner club a book club, etc.

Browse our discovery section to find groups near you, search for a specific interest group or make your own if your niche isn’t here yet!


There is a lot you can do, and groups can customize their group setup to what makes sense for them. You can connect and find groups and people in your area in a way that works for you.

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Groups are made up of rooms. This helps keep everything organized and members can talk about different topics and interact in different ways, all in one place.

There are 5 types of rooms you can use to build out your group: chat rooms, forum rooms, audio rooms, video rooms, and broadcast rooms and you can have up to 100 rooms in your group.